Entry And Exit Wounds

With a perfectly set arrow balance point the results as seen left will always be accomplished. Better than a bullet, the Razorring™ broadheads cut through flesh and bone from entry to exit as shown allowing for a more humane kill due to massive blood loss.

One reason for poor flight characteristics (an arrow does not fly straight) is the bow is not truly centershot (arrow rest mathematically set up) and would allow for angular impact (loss of kinetic energy). A mathematically tuned bow has the wheels, strings and arrow rest all in alignment (plumb and square”).

The Razorring™ broadheads are not a disposable broadhead and can be used for several kills.
Setup instructions for mathematically tuning a bow for any drop-away arrow rest can be found at www.bulletarchery.com.
Because of the massive blood loss due to the use of the Razorring™ broadhead, some COLOR BLIND hunters are now able to follow the blood trail.

Point Of Entry (Bear Kill)
Exit Wound (Bear Kill)
Antelope rib bones CUT by Bullet Archery’s Razorring™ Broadheads
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