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Product Item: 92012 – 125 gr RAZORRING™ Broadhead

The “ORIGINAL” 125 grain “RAZORRING™” Broadhead!! YES! The ring is a blade! The 125 grain Razorring™ broadhead cuts a wound channel the size of a 16 gage shotgun slug (11/16” hole) giving massive blood trails for a more humane kill and quicker bleed outs meaning less distance to drag the game back. The 125 grain Razorring™ broadhead has a cutting diameter of 11/16”. Counting the ring circumference, that is a total cutting surface of 6”. Sold in packages of three (3).

One reason for poor flight characteristics (an arrow does not fly straight) is the bow is not truly centershot (arrow rest mathematically set up) and would allow for angular impact (loss of kinetic energy). A mathematically tuned bow has the wheels, strings ad arrow rest all in alignment (plumb and square).

The Razorring™ broadheads are not a disposable broadhead and can be used for several kills.

Because of the massive blood loss due to the use of the Razorring™ broadhead some COLOR BLIND hunters are now able to follow the blood trail. A 125 gr Razzoring™ broadhead was used to take down the buck in our pictures.

Cost per pkg: $35.95


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