125-DS gr RAZORRING™ Broadhead
(Package of 3)


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Product Item: 92022 – 125-DS gr RAZORRING™ Broadhead

The “ORIGINAL” 125-DS grain “RAZORRING™” Broadhead designed for the CROSSBOW. YES! The ring is a blade! The 125-DS grain Razorring™ broadhead cuts a wound channel the size of a 16 gage shotgun slug (11/16” hole) giving massive blood trails for a more humane kill and quicker bleed outs meaning less distance to drag the game back. The 125-DS grain Razorring™ broadhead has the cutting diameter of 11/16” and counting the ring circumference, that is a total cutting surface of 6”. Better than a bullet, the 125-DS grain Razorring™ broadheads cut through flesh and bone from entry to exit allowing for a more humane kill due to massive blood loss.
Sold in packages of three (3).

Below is a buck killed with a crossbow and the 125-DS gr Razorring™ broadhead

Cost per pkg: $37.95



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(Package of 3)”

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